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Hello dear friend and welcome to GoWallnuts!

GoWallnuts is a collective of artists, each one with their distinctive style. Each artist will base their work on a specific theme and each release will have limited and numbered copies available.

Our goal is to fill your walls with unique yet affordable art, that only you (and a really small number of other people in the world) will own.


Please take in consideration that the final printed art might come in slightly different colors than those appearing on your screen (that’s what screens do, they deceive us!). Also, please have in mind that you are buying something rare, designed with care and “meraki” (that’s a greek word for doing things with love, attentiveness and care and it’s really difficult to translate it to english; think of it as the danish hygge!).

Unfortunately we'll be only accepting returns if the product you receive is damaged. If you indeed do receive a damaged product, we are going to replace it as fast as we can, free of charge. Just send us a photo and we’ll be on our way!


In the future, we may re-release some of the art being sold. But only the first bunch will:

- have a Certificate of authenticity
- be Numbered
- be Hand-signed by the artist

More details on this matter soon!